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Optimising health and wellbeing

Optimising health and wellbeing Optimising health and wellbeing

About Buffy


I originally trained as a professional musician and worked as a freelance violinist for many years.  I now work with adults of all ages,  helping them adapt their lifestyles to better support their health and wellbeing.

I was inspired to train as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist following years of sub-optimal well-being that I turned around dramatically through nutrition and lifestyle alterations.   The difference in my health and happiness has been life changing and I am passionate about helping other people reach their optimum health.  

I studied Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London.   Through working with some of my early clients I quickly realised that in order to fully support and help empower people to make long term changes I needed to better understand the relationships people have with food and why so many of us find change so difficult.  I have subsequently qualified as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity as well as completing the Understanding Your Eating Program for practitioners.  This is another program I now offer to clients.  

My story....

Growing up as a child I was frequently exhausted, slightly overweight and through my teen years, prone to mild depression and disordered eating.. Many teenagers share similar experiences but thankfully my mother had an instinct that there was more to it than ‘teenage changes’ and set about trying to discover what could be going on.

Suspecting a thyroid problem, blood tests were taken and confirmed I had the autoimmune condition, Graves Disease.  This meant I had a cocktail of both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid symptoms and for years I took multiple medications, eventually concluding with  radio iodine therapy to ‘kill’ some of my out of control thyroid gland for good! The result was successful but (as was expected) I was left with hypothyroidism, permanently.   

Looking back over the years many behavioural patterns are easily explained by the state of my health and imbalance of my hormones.  Whilst my thyroid levels stabilised to within a ‘reasonable range’ (with Levothyroxine) I wouldn’t say I ever felt really truly well.  I was always a heavier weight than my body needed me to be and my self esteem was low.  My diet was and always had been full of comfort foods,  (of course including 'all the favourites'!) and over time, disordered eating patterns emerged.  In my  bid to feel better I developed a 'love' of exercise.  This certainly helped improve my fitness and often mood, but by no means did I feel 'well' or was I in ‘good health’.  

The real turning point came in 2014, when some new symptoms developed including swollen and sore finger joints and Raynaud’s Phenomenon (particularly unwelcome developments as a violinist!) and a rheumatologist confirmed that I was showing early signs of another, additional autoimmune condition; Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus disease/SLE). The medication he suggested sounded very unpleasant, with many unwanted side effects and I felt hugely motivated to take drastic action to try and avoid what was being proposed. Asking him to give me 6 months to see how things progressed, I set about investigating ways I could improve my health naturally.  

I started to read about alternative medicine and the effects of nutrition on health and consulted a naturopathic nutritionalist. With their guidance I have dramatically changed my diet and lifestyle and am now free of the new developing symptoms and my thyroid is functioning better than it has for over 20 years!  

This journey hasn't only been about the reversal of symptoms but the first hand experience of the power that diet and lifestyle have on health and wellbeing.  My relationship with food and nutrition is that of gratitude and respect.   These days I am calm but invigorated.  

I have huge motivation to help others experience the turn-around that I have felt.  My aim will be to help you feel well within yourself, and enjoy your health.  You will be energised and most importantly, empowered to know how to best fuel your daily life to support your health for living.